UK lottery email


    Non-Ticket / Online E-mail Address Winning

On behalf of the Kingdom of Thailand Lottery Commission and Asia
Pacific Endowment Foundation/Uk in conjunction the VISA (ATM -CARD) , we
wish to notify and congratulate you, that you’re “Email Address” was
selected as one of the six lucky winners in this 2021 edition of
Bangkok Lottery. Your Email Address won the Prize-Money in category
“B” which is the sum of Seven hundred British pound sterling

For verification and release of your GBP 700,000.00, winning cash prize
which is already up-loaded into the VISA (ATM -CARD);

Kindly send your following information:- 1. Full Name, 2. Telephone
number, 3. Home Address (P.O Box Not Acceptable), 4. Age, 5.
Occupation and Country:

to the Lottery Online Agent Mr. Ted Moore

on this Email:[email protected]

Once again Congratulations !

Publicity Secretary; Sincerely.
Yours in service,
Mr. Ted Moore
Online- Coordinator UK/ Asia lottery