UK Carriers Reporting Thread - For slow or none-responsive carriers

If any of you have tried reporting numbers to UK carriers you have probably had little success, I’m sure their abuse departments (where they exist) are understaffed and overworked but that is no excuse to completely ignore reports of their numbers being used to commit fraud.

I have been reporting UK numbers for a while now, there are a few carriers who respond swiftly to reports (I mean within 24 hours so I’m really cutting them some slack there) and some outstanding notable exceptions who respond within an hour or so.

Most carriers terminate fraud numbers within 2 or 3 days, I don’t consider thie acceptable, especially when the number answers as a Financial Institution which they frequently do.

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Text message from SANTANDER:
Your One-time passcode to authorise £280.00GBP debit card transaction to ‘HiSmile’ is 688343. If you DO NOT recognise this transaction please call 02071938704

02071938704 Vodafone number reported to 7726 at 16:30GMT 17/07

out of order 19/07

Text about a one time pass code for a purchase from boots for £542.33
call 02032862381 if you have not requested this

02032862381 reported to vodafone via 7726 at 14:50GMT 18/07

out of order 19/07

Your One-time passcode to authorise £280.00GBP debit card transaction to ‘HiSmile’ is 688343. If you DO NOT recognise this transaction please call 02032903723

reported 02032903723 to vodafone via 7726 at 14:52GMT 18/07

out of order 19/07

Your One-time passcode to authorise £280.00GBP debit card transaction to ‘HiSmile’ is 688343. If you DO NOT recognise this transaction please call 07425577624

reported 07425577624 to vodafone via 7726 at 14:58GMT 18/07

out of order 19/07

I had been following up my reports with an email containing the info about the scam but vodafone’s abuse department told me not to because 7726 works and all my reports are prioritised so I’m not emailing them any more, lets see how effective 7726 is.

Perhaps I’ll send them a link to the thread if it proves 7726 is ineffective.

Fake Ebay 02045929699
reported to Colt Technology with a recording 19/07 11:16am

just checked, it’s down

All the Vodafone numbers have been terminated, this thread works LOL must be some sort of voodoo.

I’m going to include the slow responders, Colt are probably the worst.

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Text message - 'SANTANDER: A direct debit to TG AUT0S was set up today for 441.37. Please urgently reach out to us if this wasn’t you: 03301654380
The number answers ‘thanks for calling Santander’

03301654380 reported to Gamma 17:40 19/07

taken out of service between 11:00am and 12:20 20/07

BT freephone number Impersonating Metro Bank

08002081249 reported to BT with an image of the email 19/07 at 21:35GMT

terminated between 14:00 and 15:15GMT 20/07

This was not terminated (or if it was it was reinstated)
I have re-reported

26/07 ringing - unanswered

29/07 ringing - unanswered

Ebay impersonators
02070723325 reported to Colt Technology 12:10GMT 20/07

terminated within 2 hours - wow, I may owe colt an apology

Email from a company called Dental Probiotics LLC for a yearly order for Chewable Oral Probiotic for £351 telephone numbers 02081440938 and 02081448117 to contact

This looks like a refund scam, the scammers ask for an invoice number and hang up if you can’t provide one.

02081440938 reported to vodafone via 7726 13:40GMT 20/07
02081448117 reported to vodafone via 7726 13:40GMT 20/07

1pm 21/07 both live and answering

re-reported via 7726

3:50pm both terminated

This number is being used by scammers impersonating EE
They are offering discounts and new phones in order to phish for customer info and to commit fraud

02030844586 reported to BT 15:10GMT 20/07

23:00 answered silent???
1pm 21/07 goes to vm
4pm 21/07 answering as EE
4pm 23/07 vm
25/07 still answering as EE - re-reported to BT 13:55GMT 25/07

26/07 messaging service (possibly terminated?? wondering if that’s what BT do)

British Bank Scammers impersonating Halifax

02032909140 reported to vodafone via 7726 15:20GMT 20/07

23:00 ringing, unanswered
13:00 21/07 call declined
3:50pm down

Received text purporting to be from “HSBC re Direct Debit set up today, if Not you “contact 01333406571

01333406571 reported to Gamma 22:50GMT 20/07

still live 1pm 21/07
11:00GMT Monday 24/07 welcome to Monzo

just got an email from Gamma asking me to confirm the number as it has too many digits. It did, I mis-typed, 4 days of that number being used in Bank scams, currently answering as Monzo

Scammer callback, impersonating Halifax Bank

02032909140 reported to vodafone via 7726 22:40GMT 20/07
audio from Toni Mosh

still live 1pm 21/07
3:50pm down

I responded to Jim Brownings tweet about vodafone, I said I was closely monitoring UK carriers responses to my fraud reports and what do you know, the 4 outstanding vodafone numbers I reported are all now terminated! coincidence? I think not :grinning:

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shared on Twitter by Jim browning all impersonating banks
lookups say they are vodafone but vodafone say not, emailed vodafone abuse department at 2:45pm

all reported via 7726 5pm 21/07

16:15 GMT 22/07 all still live - Indian accents
13:00 23/07 live on Skype only!!!

reported to Lumen who told me it was a UK number so i should report it to BT - idiots
the numbers seem to have been taken down soon afterwards though?

Impersonating Santander
duplicate report
0330 1759640 reported to gamma 22:45gmt
down 15:40GMT 23/07

Impersonating Santander

03301759640 reported to gamma 17:40gmt 22/07

down 15:40GMT 23/07