U.S Customs and border protection email with phone number

From the desk of Mr.Optimist David
U.S Customs and Border Protection
14700 Terminal Blvd #120,
Clear water, FL 33762, United States
Email :[email protected]

Good day to you and how are you doing today?

My name is Mr.Optimist David from Saint Petersburg Florida. I am writing to let you Know that we received several consignment boxes and packages containing ATM cards and some other items signed and Approved by the United Nations.Others are from other part of the world including South Carolina Customs Office branch, several banks in Europe and parts of Asia had all been sent to our office here in our Saint Petersburg office branch for our office to make clarification that you are to receive your two consignment boxes.

Two days ago (Mrs.Linda Weinson) sent to us a message stating that she is a family member of yours and she made us to understand that you died last month that you have willed to her the total sum of $20.5M and other valuables when you were still alive.

she provided us with an affidavit of claim showing all your funds both in the bank and in the security company demanding from our office the two consignment boxes to be released to her as she said and maintaining to be your next of kin, but we are still waiting to see if you will respond to this email within three days as (HOME LAND SECURITY REVENUE)(FBI) AND UNITED NATIONS) has warned us to be very careful in our dealings With some importers, and that was the reason we ignored the message from her but still waiting to see if you will respond to this alert message from us to be sure that you are still alive before we tell you the next line of action and the best way you can received your consignment boxes without any more delay on it.

Waiting for your quick response. Reply with this email
address:[email protected]


Mr.Optimist David
Customs Department Director
SAINT Petersburg

Treat as Urgent.
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Called the number rang several times then hung

This scamming group operated from three cities: Jaipur, Kanpur and Delhi

Got call from Fake US Customs and Border Protection
Location: Jaipur, India.
In this Indian call center in India, there are 4-5 Nigerians females too.
Hear two calls

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