Two IRS Scammers for 3/16 17608104439 and 14702983233

Active as of 11:20 am. Enjoy them while they last!

14702983233’s phone system is messed up. You call, they put you on hold, and then you get connected to another caller. I’ve been connected to 5 callers so far and I’ve explained to all of them how the IRS thing is a scam and they need to not give any money to people like this.

@JerkyFrancisco#24254 I think if they feel you are trying to scam them, you will be placed in Purgatory with the other upset callers. They usually hang up on me immediately after my Nelson Munz “Ha Ha” and barrage of farts. The best is hearing them sigh or say “again?” before they do hang up. :slight_smile:

One agent opened up completely to me, he said they are related to Shaggy (Call centre scam mastermind who gave girlfriend Rs 2.5-cr Audi held in Mumbai | Mumbai news - Hindustan Times)

And the office is located in gurgaon phase 5 cyber city