Two good friends leaked my best friends phone number

So… in return of this. My best friend is litterally getting calls from 40 year olds. Like fucking pedofiles. asking him if he wants to come over. (keep in mind my friend is fucking 12) so here are these peoples phone numbers,

Will: +1 (207) 949-3498
Wills friend that helped him: +1 (207) 249-3332

have fun.

@NootNoot#104939 Sorry, but this seems more like revenge seeking than an actual scam. I apologize that this had to happen to your friend, but unfortunately, this isn’t the forum to seek assistance on, at least in regards to “getting back” at the people who did it. Depending on how many people have/will see it, he will probably need to request a new phone number from his cellular service provider.

Again, I know it's an unfortunate situation, but posting their phone numbers here isn't going to solve it, and will most likely only make the situation worse further down the road.

yeah good point, Sorry for the spam post.