Top 100/2 reasons scammers will get angry and might hang up, And number

Call them and follow this list and they will get mad

  1. Welcome to scambusters, how may i help with your scam?
  2. They knew it is a VM
  3. Can’t open any tools in the system32 directory
  4. Not in their DB
  5. Fake billing details
  6. No remote support in the first place
  7. Constantly pausing the VM
  8. Pausing the VM for a long time
  9. Dancing error messages
  10. Real malware like wannacry and jigsaw
  11. Go through the hassle of the VISA secure server.exe
  12. Technicians are too busy
  13. Malcom merlyn’s live steream
  14. Process blocker
  15. Windows domain
  16. Using school domain and disconnect to it.
  17. No admin rights
  18. No admin account and the yes on the UAC prompt is disabled and no box to enter the password
  19. Fake syskey
  20. Syskey already set
  21. Fake msinfo with no services
  22. no task manager
  23. Rigged machine block downloads
  24. offensive hold music
  25. level 9 scammer VS level 999 scambaiter
  26. What is Win+R
  27. The Ctrl key doesn’t exist
  28. the check number is 666
  29. the CVV number on your card is 666
  30. Scammer VS Scammer
  31. VS is holding two phone together side by side, letting them talk to each other
  32. Background music
  33. This website

    33.Windows can’t find anything
  34. The explorer can not be started
  35. process has stop working
  36. Call them 100 times
  37. Parental Controls
  38. Overprotective computer (No anything)
  39. Windows install
  40. Pc got Ratted
  41. Windows is not genuine but replaced slui.exe with annoying error msg.exe
  42. Deep freeze (prevents safe mode)
  43. Mr.Delphi (youtuber) uses scammerbattle and buthensise passport
  44. Scammers see us on live stream
  45. Automated speaking machine
  46. I forgot my password
  47. Prankster
  48. R.A.T.s
  49. FBI is back
  50. Library computer

    Number (no link, this is a cold call)



    Name to use: John Lee

    Password: samsung

    If they ask for it.


Be careful if you do it alone because they might outsmart you . Always try to work in a group if you can.

I will try to use the offensive hold music.

Thunder, The number is at the bottom.

Probably best to put the number first, lol