Tinder Love FOREX MT5 London Gold XAUUSD Scam Almost lost $5000 USD

Community can you please:

  • 1. Shut down DUP Capital DUP Forex Ltd

    1a. DUP Customer service from their website (I haven’t tried calling yet): +852.52636723
  • 2. Lena from Tinder contact phone number: +852 6767 4639 (I tried a video chat with her, she seems like a real person but never said anything when we videochat, maybe the scammer is using fake videos of her from instagram).
    2b. Shut down the websites she forwarded me to prove DUP Capital is legit. fx919.com
  • I've been chatting with a girl Lena from Tinder. She used Tinder gold to match with me by switching her location to Sweden even though she is in Macau (Hong Kong area). The chat moved to WhatsApp and slowly talked about trading London Gold on the MetaTrader5 (MT5) app and MT4 app that she was doing it ever since her divorce 4 years ago. We talked about 2 weeks and she eventually asked if i wanted to learn how to trade on a MT5 demo account, mentioning I should use her broker DUP Capital in the app.

    After telling me when to buy/sell, based on her news occurring at a certain time, gold price fell and we made profit on my demo account and her "real" account. since the news she thought would make gold price go down.

    She said big news is happening tomorrow and she predicted about 20% gains with the article she showed me. She recommended I should do a real account with DUP capital.

    I opened an account by uploading a screenshot of my passport as identity verification. The next day my account was active and required deposit, this is where things started to look suspicious.

    Turns out:
    - Fake management team
    - Stock photos of London One Canada Square.
    - DUP has only been active ~30 days https://www.hkcorporationsearch.com/companies/2981953/
    - Address looks like random apartment building in Hong Kong.
    - Money I would deposit with wire transfer I had to call customer service to ask for the bank account to deposit in.

    I have a feeling I would never see about $5000USD again by "losing" it all in a trading bust from the "tips" she was giving me or not be allowed to withdraw.

    "Lena" is a very smooth talker until we started talking more personally the past day when I didn't invest.

    Macau is not in Hong Kong area, they are just neighbours.

    Anyway I used their live chat service and sent a grabify link to trace their IP address. he/she told me they are in UK, but their IP address shows they are indeed in Hong Kong. Here are the details:

    http://prnt.sc/v5guyu: chat with "agent"

    http://prnt.sc/v5gycl their details

    @guipc7#164815 Thanks for info! Sorry about my bad geography :X.

    Right so DUP Capital is definitely up to some shady stuff. I think the Lena girl just works for them and gets a cut of the profits. Appreciate your help!

    @kurtismetz#164778 kurtismetz

    Internet use needs to be responsible for your own words and deeds. Any malicious and private retaliation will be punished by law. If you fail to invest yourself, it is a mistake in your own choice of platform. London spot gold does exist. For the projects that the rich invests in, maybe you don’t understand the financial market at all. Maybe you don’t have the money to invest. Any investment has both benefits and risks. I just analyze the problem from the perspective of an investor. I hope everyone is rational. Don’t Spreading rumors and not believing rumors, every trust is hard-won, malicious damage to the reputation of others or the industry is also consuming your own credit, so we need to adopt rational suggestions, and practice is the only criterion for testing truth. You don’t understand the investment market without investing.

    @guipc7#164815 I think you are an upright person. In fact, you can use legal means to protect your interests. Your slander and malicious comments like this are not good for you. What link you send them can you open it to us? Many businesses and websites have been described as liars by you. How did you check it? I think you are also using deception to communicate with them, so are you also a liar?

    The scammer later created an account on here, (username: Marciya) downvoted my post, and commented on mine and guipc7’s post saying we are wrong and do not check our facts and said we should be ashamed. Realizing this sounded dumb the posts they made were deleted by them shortly after.

    I have also reported DUP Capital to the FCA as a scam. http://www.fca.org.uk

    @kurtismetz#164778 Hey, were you able to get your money back?


    I was exposed to the same situation and from the same person Lena from Macau and using the broker Dupforex by MT5, unfortunately I lost more than 8000 dollars by investing in several times with in 3 months. I realized a few days ago that Dupforex is just a scam, I don’t know what ca I do ?? Is there a way to return this money? Is there a way to hold them accountable?

    I have several pictures of Lena’s character and her phone numbers.

    This @Marciya#165160 is from IP, he’s probably the scammer itself cuz he’s defending the platform…

    @Cankurd1234#179406 Unfortunately, “Lena” does not exist and it’s probably a guy behind this, misusing someone’s pictures and identity. The phone number is most likely a voip number or a throwaway number but I still encourage you to file a complaint with your local police.

    Scammers posing to be forex traders use fake profiles and pictures to lure unsuspecting matches on dating sites.A friend of mine fell victim to this type of scam.He realized after investing $60K.He was lucky betarefund . com helped him recover all his funds.

    Be wary of unsolicited financial advise from strangers on the internet.