This pig started right away but I have been with Donald Trump

918-901-7656 – He started right away so my pimp told him how much it would be. I told him why should i do ANYTHING with you when Donald Trump has me on speed dial. What a disgusting pig this guy was Well, most of them are. I need a shower. Hey guys, call this pig and let him have it. It is sad that this kind of person is on our planet with the title of human being.

Utterly filthy Indian scammer.

denying calls.

@JohnFromMicrosoft#73069 Thank you for trying!

@drwat#73067 Yeah, my friend, he was so awful that my husband would not even talk to him. I mean what kind of person asks that question when they are scamming you? It seems counterproductive to their cause. I don’t think of all of the Indian people as I think of these scammers because I know they are the bad apples but they are not doing their countrymen any justice. I have a hard time with AT&T now when I need service and I get a call center. In fact I had to call UPS for a problem and I got a woman with an Indian accent and she had no concept of what I was talking about or how to fix my problem because she could not figure out that we get our mail at a central location and not at our door, like in a lot of neighborhoods. And I never got a callback like promised. I felt like I was talking to one of the scammers who does not listen. Well, that turned out long! MEOW!