This Piece of Crap Would Steal Baby Money From A Pregnant Woman

323-775-9030 – These two pieces of garbage would actually steal money from a 6-month pregnant woman whose husband is in the Army deployed overseas. He actually would take my BABY money so I could not pay the hospital. Listen to how heartless these guys are and then tell me if you feel sorry for an Indian, Pakistani or Phillipino scammer when they give you the “poor me can’t get a job” pity party story. Please listen to the WHOLE thing because the guy was such a coward he would not even answer me. They are all liars, thieves, and thugs. You will never ever feel bad for them again.

@JusticeinTexas#31506 Yes, he was going to speak to the IRS Commissioner himself and could care less my husband is ARMY and that it is my BABY MONEY!!! He could care less that I was crying!!

@JusticeinTexas#31507 Oops, I forgot to give credit to Lee Child for the use of his trademark character names. Thank you, Lee Child!

Heartless, ruthless Indian scammers!

In Hindi they say : “Pathhar Kaa Dil” = Heart of a stone.

@drwat#31516 You have that right. Perfect description. I wonder how many pregnant women they have stolen from. Well, I am done for today. That did it for me and I really do have to take the cat to the vet!! I hope those police don’t embarrass me there! Maybe they would take her instead of the money?

I called them at 323-775-9030. Good news, someone changed their greeting:

“Warning to the scammers… do not like this stuff!”