These tax scammers called my grandma, have fun guys

The number they gave was 756-414-383 and claimed to be from the government taxation office (not the correct title, actual one is ATO). I haven’t tested the number tho.

Standard script, the whole “there is a case against you and the cops will be coming around to arrest you” threats. She’s in her 80s and lives on her own and super lucky that I showed her one of Kitboga’s vids on this scam.

She lives in Victoria, Australia so you might want to use an Aussie number.

The phone number you’ve provided isn’t valid (not long enough). Gotta check to make sure you don’t accidentally mistype the number next time :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been out of town. That was the digits they gave, it should be (+61) 07 56 414 383.

According to 075641#### ✆ Prefix - Australia Landline Phone Lookup (P.44) they’ve been using the area prefix for a while to run the scam.

Atleast if some poor oldie googles the number this thread is what they get.