The Medicare Basics disgusting dickbags 877-318- 9073/888-417-1075

Scam Number: 877- 318- 9073 / 888-417-1075
Scammer’s Website or Email:
e-mail: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam: I have no doubt in my mind this company is a scam just after talking with them once. I recieved a call from a spoofed number with an female chute asking the typical preliminary questions. She asked me to grab my non-existant medicare card which I did. I was then transferred to a guy thanking me for contacting “The Medicare Basics”. He then went straight for that medicare number. stating that it was needed. I asked why it was needed for a free quote? He said “free quote? what do you mean?” I asked “Isn’t that why I was called? For a free quote?” He then stated “why would I give you a quote when all our plans are zero dollar premium?” As I was answering his ridiculous question he hung up on me. Forget about coverage options or any other details lol. I called back & talked to a different ass wipe & asked him where they are located. After a brief pause ( I could hear the gears grinding in his pea-brain head) he says "Hawaii & then hangs up. I call back a third time & talk to a female. I asked her what they were called again just to confirm & right after she told me I could hear her shit stain supervisor telling her to hang up which she did. I looked them up un Google and found their “official” number. I called it up & it was indeed this same group of dickheads. They only have 18 google reviews & all but 2 of them are paid reviews of by the current employees themselves who state they even sold their worthless insurance to their own family members. They do have quite a social media presence as you can see from the links I posted but their Facebook page has 0 reviews along with the exact same amount of likes & followers. (4.6k) Very odd if I do say so myself. I would scan the website for malware if you plan on visiting it just to be safe. One more thing thing to add: Neither number works after business hours. All you get is dead air with no vm or nothing so definite scam.