The majority of SSA scams are definitely linked to the same organisation

I’ve been hunting down SSA scammers, and they all gave me the same information, despite not being the same number. The information they give is that my SSN has been used to rent a Toyota Corolla 2009, and was found crashed and covered in blood in the south border of Texas with 22 pounds of cocaine found in the vehicle. Quite a few scammers said they were in the SSA HQ in Washington DC, but it’s actually located in Maryland, lol.

Happy scambaiting!



Pretty much all IRS/SSA/DEA scams use the same script. Not sure why they aren’t changing even the details such as the pounds of cocaine, but we go with it either way :man_shrugging:

Hmm… I’ll try and see if I can actually get any information about it. It’s weird that they’re using the same script, like why would they use the same one if they don’t want to get caught? I swear they’ve been using the same information for over 2 weeks now.

@ScammersSuck#180585 They’ve been using the same script more or less as long as they’ve existed pretty much.

I think they stick with it as it's a "Don't fix what isn't broken" kinda thing