The IRS is open on a Federal Holiday

334-730-4933 – What a bunch of losers. The femscammers kept hanging up for no reason. They kept blocking my number so I changed it every time and they never even noticed. Finally, when I convinced her I would pay I got the Senior Officer. He said the IRS was open and just because it was a Federal Holiday did not mean the Federal Government was closed. Then I got the usual sexual comments and told I had AIDS. Anybody who falls for this scam on a holiday just does not get it. Six calls in total.

@JusticeinTexas#71677 Time to raise their blood pressure

@TheSpartan18#71681 Please do. That guy was a real sleaze. Sell him some goats. Don’t buy any because they might have a disease. ; 0

Filthy scammer fake “Bryan Moore”.

In New Delhi, India there are many Afghani settlers. I think this scammer may of Afghani origin, living in New Delhi.

Not only is the IRS open on MLK Day, they are not getting paid…

@Darrell64#71901 Our Federal workers are wonderful people!