Tech Support Scammers (HP, Canon, Lexmark etc.) 1-801-803-5139, 1-850-604-0015

Scam Number: 1-801-803-5139, 1-850-604-0015
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Now a days LinkedIn profile is on scam trends. Check above an Indian scammer profile. I already report it to LinkedIn, let’s see will they take any actions on it or not.

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Both numbers being spammed with forum posts, etc.

Seems like 850-604-0015 is also being advertised as various airlines.

Spoke to Lisa, Hendry, Sam and David. Only Sam would tell me his favorite color: pink.

Number is still up, 850-604-0015

I pretended i had diarrhea and i could literally tell they were so disgusted by the sound effects

I called multiple times and after I owned them once they disconnected the line

Fake HP UK

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+1-870-359-2498 they did make some change in their TFNs

now its a reservations scam