Tech Support Scam - All numbers works

4156504601 (textnow) coinbase,binance

8038840480 (textnow) coinbase,binance

8055065698 (textnow) gemini

9542877848 kraken

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8055065698 (textnow) gemini is picking up, but bad phone

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8038840480 (textnow) coinbase,binance
Answering at 1AM Eastern time

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I called the TextNow number 803 884 0480 today, 11-Jul-2021, Sunday, at 1:20 PM Central. I see that @drwat posted the 803 884 0480 TextNow number 13 hours ago but I thought I would call it to see if by chance someone answered.

On my first call from one of my two numbers, someone answered and muttered a few words before hanging up, but I could not understand the words or even detect what language was being used.

I immediately called again this 803 884 0480 TextNow number from both of my phone numbers and I simultaneously left from my two numbers the same exact message on the generic TextNow voicemail of this 803 884 0480.


in crypto these scammers know they will only get 3-4 genuine calls a day
when they suddenly start getting a lot, they know it must be prank calls

so they are being cautious, because they don’t want to lose their scam phone numbers

Wow, @Pauline. If they get only around 3-4 GENUINE calls a day, they gotta hit the payday on those few calls, huh? I am not very familiar with Crypto scammers, but I like messin’ with ANY scammers! It was worth a try. :smiley:

@Hviezdoslav they know if they are lucky they can even make $100k on single call

crypto is totally different from other TECH SCAMS