Tech Support scam 2022

(877) 880-0587

857 202 4556 Norton Antivirus –

(877) 592-4685

844 518 1288.

1-818-491-7159. Keeppcsafe


+1800-921-2539. Scam for antivirus

+1 877 782 0333 antivirus scam

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(877) 880-0587 blocks after every call. Spoofing my number and they’re triggered.

857 202 4556 dead 11:20 est
516-499-7200 guy with American accent answered and said that scammers keep spoofing his number. :thinking: He sounds legit and like he’s the victim of spoofing.


Most Numbers are active , Lets shut them down together

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how can I spoof my google voice number? what VOIP are you using?

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Going after them rn


Reported to (the chat box provider). Also, same phone number shows up here:

Edit: I’ve also reported most of their domains to the registrars and hosting companies.


i Have also reported the domains and now reporting there chat options as well.

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NameCheap has taken down I forgot to report earlier, but I reported it just now.

Edit: should be suspended now. May take a bit to propagate.


By the way, leaked some scammer’s email, I think:

I’m the guy with the American accent you spoke to. The scammers are using my business phone number, I’m a web design agency in NY. Where did my number appear and how do I fix this issue? I’m getting a ton of calls…


Do you have any web design templates you create with your own number inside the template as a placeholder? Most of the scam websites seem to be using a template.

Your best way to fix it is to find the host of the scam website (Who is Hosting This? Use Our Hosting Checker Tool to Find Out Who is Hosting Any Domain in Seconds - and report to the host’s abuse department. Report it as impersonation, fraud, or something like that. They’re damaging your reputation by misusing your number.

Edit: My bad. I thought you meant that the number is on the websites - didn’t know you were having your number spoofed.

Correct, just used my number and all these people were calling me pissed off. I figured it out after a while but it’s sad they do this to people. is not down, its still running

I’m using Ooma for VoIP, while I can change my number, it’s faster and easier to use a third party vendor for spoofing. People always ask me if spoofing is legal. Phone number spoofing is generally legal in the U.S. unless done “with intent to defraud or cause harm”. According to the FCC website and the Truth in Caller ID Act, “FCC rules prohibit any person or entity from transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongly obtain anything of value.” But under this law, if there is no intent to harm, you can use spoof freely.
Since intent to harm is very subjective and even harder to prove intent, any legitimate businesses can’t, technically, be accused of having the intent to harm, so it’s technically legal for business to spoof too, but with a caveat. Phone spoofing is legal in cases like a business displaying their real toll-free call-back number or a doctor using their mobile phone and having their real office number appear.
I had a direct conversation with the FCC about this and they agree that spoofing to scambait is perfectly legal as long as it isn’t used to harm a legit US business or person.
There are several good third party companies who provide you with spoofing of both name and number simply by typing it.
There are other phone providers who offer this service with a paid phone number at no additional charge.
I don’t want to promote a business here on the forum, but if you’d like to know who I use and who I have found to be the easiest, I can send it to you in a private message

(877) 592-4685 - called them he was being sketchy i hung up the call. Try call them.


Welcome :blush:


Changed: 8573537957

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called , told them wanted to buy a playstation and said f*** you and ur mother scambaiter…

The heck? Hold on.

Edit: and seem to have come back, even though NameCheap had suspended them earlier. I messaged them on Twitter again just now.