Synergy Finance 917 730-8566

No i dont … Mayb textnow aint good idea … Ask Drwat or Thunder Or Majorlee or Justice in Texas… any of them can give advice😃
I use textnow 2nd line im in the states

917 730 9030 - active as of 10:18am PST


Yay! Some of my favorite scammers to abuse!!


You can reverse lookup US and I believe Canada numbers and gather information that way, services like let you do, you can remove your info if you ask them. Talkatone and TextNow are good free number options, you won’t get international for free that’s paid but US for free is still good considering most numbers here are going to be US.

NEW RECRUIT!! ‘Roger’ is in training (to be a manager)!!
Also didn’t know why Indian men hold hands in public. Told him it’s his new side project and to work on finding me the answer! Hahaha
Have some fun each and everyone!

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