Subject of personal interest- Bath Salts

First, I ask you please to not judge. I was scammed a few years back. To those who are not familiar with Bath Salts, they are chemicals which mimic other drugs such as meth, coke, and benzos. They also sell spice which mimics THC.

I ordered supplies from places that advertise as “research chemicals”. They did send me the product after I paid them. I am more concerned with youth ordering this stuff. It’s not difficult to get. Extremely damaging.

Please see:

The New Classes of Synthetic Illicit Drugs Can Significantly Harm the Brain: A Neuro Imaging Perspective with Full Review of MRI Findings

I recently attempted to scambait a Bath Salt company.
I asked if the packaging was discreet.
They answered that was.
I waited.
Was sent another email from company trying to push me to order.

If interested in trying to scam bait I have found the following to be helpful:
Any emails sent from these companies do not have a business email.
Their website is NOT secure.

I need to read more on this type of scambait in this forum.
I'm very new to this.
Any info from you all would be VERY much appreciated.