Student Loan Forgiveness Scammers 251-931-1914

Scam Number: 251-931-1914
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam: gave all fake details and they asked me to pay $100 for a couple of months then $9 for 20 years. I messed with them pretty hard i called from 4 different numbers, they block fast though if they find out youre messing with them. but if youre new they pick up immediately. heres the address on their website it leads to a home in florida. 1412 Pine Bay Drive Sarasota Fl 34231

They didn’t believe how much student debt I had lol

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I’ve been calling them all day I just called several of their numbers from a fresh TextNow and they aren’t answering at the moment :rofl:

nevermind i guess they had that number blocked they are still very much active, they open at 9am-7pm eastern standard time. I have a recording of them trying to scam me but idk how to upload it its like 20 mins

Thanks for usefull info!

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