SSA Scam Variant: Federal Reserve Warrant

It starts with a Robocall message about a warrant being issued by the Federal Reserve because of illegal financial transactions. When you press 1 to talk to a Federal Officer, they answer Social Security administration.

I played the "senior officer" for over 20 minutes, it was a bit disconcerting because being an inbound call, he knew my name and address and of course my phone number. I pretended to just get this number a week or so ago, so they must be calling the former owner. Eventually he got mad and hung up on me.

The officer's accent didn't sound Indian. More Pakistani. Does anyone know if Pakistanis are working this scam as well?

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#?? :joy:u forgot it

@jaymee#180899 He could be from Kashmir region of north India bordering Pakistan

I have encountered two types of low level Pakistani scammers.
Utility bill and tech support.
Wast he number spoofed?


@drwat#180902 Wast he number spoofed?

Yes, spoofed.
Another scammer whose accent threw me off was the Publishers Clearing House one who told me I won $10.5 million and a brand new Mercedes. Of course I had to get 3 gift cards at Dollar General at $500 each right away because they'll be delivering my prize within the hour. He sounded Jamaican or maybe Nigerian, but most likely the former.


@Draco#180901 u forgot it

No number posted because it was inbound and was clearly spoofed.

@jaymee#181272 oh I see :blush:… I looked at it and was like oh must secret :sweat_smile:

@jaymee#181272 Jamyee hit up 404# 404 891 0460 seems others shut down or ring 4 then pause and hang

Not Pakistanis but many north Indians have similar accents

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