SSA Scam (843) 960-4021

Scammer’s Number: (843) 960-4021
Domains Used:
Extra Info: About 12 minutes ago on Bob’s site this phone number was posted. I called for the first time and they are answering. Today is Wed., 28-Jul-2021. It is currently about 9:25 AM Central time.

Trolling ar 7:30 am :joy:Tiffany Allen trolls

@Draco is logged in and tearin’ them up!

Oh, you are on the west coast. I am in the Central time zone. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, @Draco!

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Directine 737-271 3738 from Yester answers he changed his number over and over … Keep spam text him :joy:

I’m on it like a red-tailed hawk on a half-dead rabbit!

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… Good morning dude

With the Callback TextNow number 737-271 3738, I was getting the generic TextNow voicemail machine for this callback number and leaving messages and I was texting also to this callback number. Now though I get “Sorry. The number you requested cannot be dialed.”

Now with the (843) 960-4021 number, from my TextNow the call rings a couple of times and the call drops. From my Unknown Number VOIP, the (843) 960-4021 won’t start ringing and eventually it goes not to the dial tone but to the three notes that seems to mean the call is not going through.

I so enjoy annoying scammers first thing in the mornin’ to start my day when I have the chance!

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Change text now # for the 737 text now # u will get thru