SSA scam 804-250-8601

SSA fake agents Karen Smith (Naga) and Leo Peter (crude)

@drwat#147521 Got Karen… but Alex Jordan for the senior dude.

Touchy bunch. Kept hanging up on me and saying that I was 'playing' them., and asking why I kept calling.. but my granny persona has a way of working its magic and eventually overcame all of that. Had them going for about 45 minutes until things got heated. The first real incident was when granny said she had no idea what 'black' money was. Apparently, they think that everyone should universally know what that term is and anyone who doesn't is just playing stupid. Well, granny got past that, and then we were on to the Target to get some Federal Electronic Bonds in the form of Government approved Target Gift Cards! That is where it all broke down, as granny said that they originally said to get electronic bonds, and now they were saying gift cards, which are certainly not bonds. Funny thing was that at one point I was ready to throw in the towel, and I asked "Ms. Karen, is your family proud of what you do?". She was too busy yelling at this poor old lady to even notice, so I just kept going. The bond versus gift card thing was too much for them unfortunately, so they swore at poor granny in a foreign language and hung up after granny called them out for being scammers.

Ok loop on this one but SOOOOO soon they will have to not have it on bcuz flooding issues :laughing::joy:

@Otis#147576 “Black money” phrase is all too common in Indai only. Almost everyone has undeclared income and they constantly find ways to legitimize the money without paying taxes. Most black money comes from bribes or not paying income and sales tax

@drwat#147647 Good to know, thank you. Adding it to my “dictionary”. FIR is another term unknown to me until recently, but pretty common to them. Cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies make communication harder than it should.

@drwat#147647 Yeah, I know what black money refers to, but a poor old 70 year old granny certainly is too naive to know that! Heck, she asked why it was illegal to launder money because she thought it just meant washing it in the laundry - so they had to explain it. Or at least try to explain it, as I’m not sure they fully understand what money laundering is either - from what I gather, they actually consider just wire transferring money in large amounts as laundering, particularly if it’s going out of country to places like Mexico and Columbia!

Oh well... it certainly adds to the entertainment value if nothing else.

@jaymee#147648 what is __FIR__ ?


@Otis#147658 what is FIR ?

@jaymee#147684 Cool. First time I’ve heard of it.

Australians often refer to the black economy , its a common term , i know you all know what it means , we have a different tax system than USA (obviously) we have whats called the GST ,everything is taxed ,good and services tax , it was “supposed” to thwart the “Black economy” but of course it is just another way to pay more tax even after your wages get taxed ,everything you purchase (few exceptions) and servise is taxed as well

Ohh and the number is not answering