SSA Scam 303-479-3444 - The scammer called the police

I talked to Brian Walker ID 417J2141. To him it was pronounced Valker. When he said the lines are being monitored by 4 agencies. The last one was the Department of Nakitics (what ???).

Then he said that he wanted to contact my local police department. This is the first time I have had this happen in a call. I told him to call 911 if he wanted the police. When he found that I live in New York, he gave me the New York police department. He gave me the number or the 9th precinct. Then he pretended to call the police department. In my recording you can hear him fake calling a fake officer at the police department. A full conversation in the background can be heard as if he was talking to another office named Officer Humas Marshall. He read back to the officer my fake phone number. Then he proceeded to tell me that the police department would be calling me. Obviously my phone number would not work. So I told him I had a Jitterbug phone and it does not receive a second call. So it was at that time that I call him out on his scam. He left the phone silent for the rest of time. He was too chicken to talk to me anymore.

This was the first time that I had a scammer pretend to call the police on a phone call.