Spamming to sell penis pills at 800-514-5448

spamming to sell penis pills at 800-514-5448

associated number:



time for revenge:

Found the pills on Amazon:

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks the reviews are very suspect

I represent Male UltraCore and want to make it clear that we have no affiliation with Prime Times Offers, which may well be a scam site. Male UltraCore is not a scam site in any way and we have a dedicated Customer Service division to make sure our customers are happy.

I am requesting that Male Ultracore, our number and our affiliated sites and listings be removed from this post.

Male UltraCore is a legitimate testosterone boosting supplement with pages of documented research on the ingredients, standardized extracts, and the proven results based on our formula.

If any customers have any issues with Male UltraCore feel free to contact us at 800-514-5448 and ask for Mike. I'd be happy to help you out.

@MaleUltraCore#108219 Your company is selling fake cock pills and there’s complaints about your number. We will not remove your number and information from our site as you are indeed fraudulent.

If you have any issues please contact us under [email protected] from your business email and put your legal advisor / attorney on cc.


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@MaleUltraCore#108219 Hey Mike, I just called your company and not only did your alleged coworker say, she didn’t know about any Mike working with her - but she also said, she was unable to provide me links to any research conducted by third parties.

yayyyyyyyyy the number you have dialed is not in service i am soooooooo happy they gone I DONT NEED TO MAKE IT BIGGER LMAO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


They're still in service. I'm having some great fun with this number.

Been doing all kinds of nob jokes and asking the women to explain to me in detail what kind of erection I can expect with their pills.

I've asked them if they've personally tested it, and what's the biggest erection they've seen..... they tend to hang up.

Told one I'm a farmer, and asked if it's OK to give it to a bull.

@chriscolin#112393 must admit im still anewby at scambaiting cheeky gits use a recording saying this no. is not in service give it 10 mins sundenly back up so in future im going to take that with a pinch of salty sorry ment salt, funny about saying your a farmer hope yo dont mind if i use that: D thanks abcd1234

@MaleUltraCore#108219 Your scam is fucking horrible. You deserve being scambaited.