Spam Text trying to sell diet pills (877) 672-0634

Got a text message from (877) 672-0634. It reads thus:

1/2 drop 37 pounds by Next Month
no working Out Necessary

Fired up my secure windows vm and followed the link. It led me to a hosted site ( which was flagged by windows defender as a potential scam site. Initially it showed a supposed cnn article about a bride losing weight but exiting out and re-entering linked me to a usweekly article ( about an interview between Ellen Degeneres and Adele talking about the product. There were also multiple fake comments marked from minutes ago to a few hours ago talking up the product of the article "Real Ultra Fast Keto Boost". There was also a banner on the bottom advertising a countdown showing the discount lasting 15 minutes for added urgency.

Clicking the multiple links in the article brought me to Which asked for my personal info to send me a discounted bottle of the stuff.