Soo polite and British 419 Email Scam (no phones)

My Dear

Thank you for your message, I cannot do this myself due to my failing health. I saw your contact in my dream after my 5 days of fasting, when I sent you my first email. I prayed to the lord to give you the grace to complete this divine project for the benefit of the less fortunate people as I am impressed with your reply. All I require from you is your total honest cooperation to carry out my very last wish/WILL indeed.

For your information this is my dream, do not play with it, I have handed it over to you for you to fulfill it. Try and get this money from the (Societe Generale Bank S.G.B Belgium) and use it to build an orphanage home in your country; I hope you are a God fearing person? And do not inform anyone about it, let God be praised not man you will succeed if you keep it within yourself as a secret before the fund enters your account, take my words and let God be with you. I want these funds to be used in the percentage portion which I have prayed for and God has approved it divinely.

(1) 70 % Of the Total funds should be used to support any Charity Foundation to cater for the Less Fortunate Person on earth.

(2) 30 % Of the Total Funds should go into Any Investment Of Your Choice and Profession which is going to be managed by you as a form Of Compensation for your impact in this Project.

I ’ m making this proposal in accordance with God’s Direction while you must remember to keep every of this arrangement/transaction restricted from third parties for security reasons.

Please provide your details below, so that I shall instruct my Doctor to draft an Application letter, to fill and send to the bank. I will be sending you the certificate of deposit of this fund immediately after your response, to retrieve the deposit on my behalf and disburse the funds.

  1. Name in Full:
  2. Address:
  3. Nationality:
  4. Age/Sex:
  5. Occupation:
  6. Direct Phone No:
  7. Attach any copy of your Identification:

Please always remember me in your daily prayers and may the Good Lord give you more wisdom to handle this project to his own Glory. Ensure you reply to this letter and the needed information, and after contacting the bank you can request the bank to open an online banking account in your name.

I await further communication.

Lastly, just be informed that I am writing to you through my Doctor, She
Sincere to me.

Mrs. Peninnah Ariel Benaiah
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Maybe below the Cockles, in the Sub-Cockles area, maybe in the Liver, maybe in the kidneys, and maybe in the colon, Ya never know.

I walk around in the Summer saying “How about this HEAT”?

I’m going to see what the email does.

Oh , Holy :church: ,
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