SmartFares - The fraudulent airline-booking scam

SmartFares is known for its bad reputation, fake reservations, and high demand for money in exchange for nothing. On October 14th, 2021, at night, I found out that they stole an image that actually belongs to another company. That other company is called Priority Sales Company. The have an introductory video. Click here to see it. I am very disappointed in SmartFares as a whole. They stole this image:27GTWVYTozyzdBHLCZdwnGElw6bzbrgh-concierge. They also abuse Zendesk, a service companies use to allow employees and customers to message one another through a chat-box. When you reach the site, you will see this image: image. When you go to SmartFares, remember to click the image that says “Live Chat to SAVE BIG!”.

I don’t know if I’m right on this, so correct me if I am wrong for sure, but here is their phone carrier information:


I look forward to shutting down this scam and I would like it if we all would work together to start slow and work our way up by contacting Zendesk, Priority Sales Company, and anyone else who is willing to help. Once Zendesk takes action, it’ll be harder for SmartFares to scam innocent people. Once Priority Sales Company hears about this, there could be a SmartFares could be sued.

Prank calling SmartFares - YouTube - Premiere



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Some new numbers of the same Smartfare scammers
802 341 4536
802 341 4537
802 341 4538
802 341 4539
802 341 4540
802 341 4541
802 341 4542


Hit them up :joy:

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I’m on it like a red-tailed hawk on a half-dead rabbit! :laughing:

IVR system, must press TWO numbers

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Called a dozen times

2:41 pm central now — for one hour straight, non-stop, I have been calling that block of numbers simultaneously with a different phone number and phone in each hand! One guy, just after I’d started bombarding them, whose name is Zain or Blain or whatever knew my voice immediately!

2:56 pm central … Now they are NOT answering as SmartFares but rather they now are answering as Low Cost Airlines, or at least the guy who just answered said he was with Low Cost Airlines. I recognized his voice from calling for more than one hour today, so I laughingly mocked him about his inability to keep his story straight. Which is it, SmartFares or Low Cost Airlines? Actually, for the last 5 or 10 minutes some of them answer without saying anything at all, so I inform them to read your script you criminal, read your script!

Haha, I had a guy just now answer with the fake name Atticus. So immediately I called him out and told him to stop using the fake first name Atticus, to stop stealing the name Atticus from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird!!! He just hung up without sayin’ anything. :smirk:

Wow they are still answering . Bombard them!!

Yeah, and they are FAR LESS enthusiastic than they were TWO HOURS ago! haha

Do you think they recognized the video and this thread? I think they’re scared too. Maybe I’ll harass them when I have time. Maybe for some cow noises :cow2::cow2::cow:

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I suppose that they could have seen the video. They could have found this site for all we know.

I know that I have been messin’ with them for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes today, and they seem less enthusiastic. Actually, they seem to have become skittish, and of course most of them know my voice by now today because I do not have a voice changer. I have not been baiting them today. I have been harassin’ them today non-stop!

Sarah and Cheryl Lynn (spelling?) hate me at this point. These two women can be quite SALTY!

Daniel and Jordan hate me at this point. By now they no longer curse me. They seem demoralized and/or tired.

A gal named Jennifer had a very sweet voice, and we spoke amicably for about 5 minutes. When I informed her though that she works for a DISREPUTABLE company and that therefore she is bringing shame and dishonor to her family and ancestors, she told me to F OFF. Now she hates me too! :grinning:


A gold mine, @drwat, truly a gold mine! They obviously cannot block numbers, or maybe they just don’t know how?

One bad thing with my TextNow number with these particular numbers is that often my call with them from my TextNow number starts reconnecting. I think it might be THEIR phone system though because I am sitting two feet in front of the Google Fiber wireless modem/router that I am using for my TextNow calls. That happens sometimes when I am calling some scammers’ phone numbers.

Also I’ve been callin’ simultaneously today from my Google Fiber VOIP phone that when I login to my account I switch to UNKNOWN NUMBER. They have not blocked my “Unknown Number” and in the past I know that some scammers have blocked my Unknown Number.


An upcoming video is coming. It’s gonna be about SmartFares answering as “Low Cost Fares”. These dudes have a YouTube channel called "Help Desk and they have no subscribers, no likes, no views, except for only one comment, which has a C average worth of English grammar. They just started. They called me out for exposing them by saying something different. Nice try, SmartFares who now identifies as “Low Cost Fares”!

Here is a screenshot of what “Help Desk” blurted out. What could possibly be funnier?

Official YouTube Video


Do you have a link for that YouTube page?


I wanna see the link too

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@Foreign_Hacker @Draco

Click the link (The YouTube channel belongs to SmartFares)

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