SmartFares is threatening to sue BobRTC and

Hi all,

I’ve received some draft documents that SmartFares has sent over to us. They’re threatening legal action if we don’t stop calling them “costing them millions” and remove all info on about them.

This is like a repeat of the myphonesupport fiasco :joy:

Gotta love how they bring up their TrustPilot ratings into this, I’ll say it again: NEVER. TRUST. TRUSTPILOT.
They are clearly buying positive reviews as pointed out by members of this forum.

What they fail to realise here is that I’m just providing a service for people to communicate and share their experiences on scam companies, just like TrustPilot are doing, so I cannot be held responsible for the content my users post.

But the best part of this? They assume BobRTC has control over, and they are ordering BobRTC to work with to stop their numbers from being posted here.

No user information will ever be shared, you have my word. Make sure you change your emails and use VPNs if possible while browsing


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