SmartFare Airline Tickets

I saw a commercial for ‘reduced airfare’ tickets. The name of the company on the TV, did not match the name of the company that I called (SmartFare), which makes me suspect they’re covering something up.

Of course, the Indian who answered just said "Thanks for calling reservations", no mention of any company.

Curious to know if this is a scam, and if so, who is actually behind it.


Tried calling, got to point where it said please hold for agent then just hung up few seconds later but it does answer as SmartFare or at least the robohold system does

@HenryRiley#148607 If you dont press the correct code, it will disconnect your call. It changes each time, so the first time mine was 3,2 then 9,3.

Smartfares has a website which is under a different phone number

Proven to be a SCAM, About 98% 1 star reviews on

What they usually do is they book a flight for you, then call you to tell you that they had cancelled your trip and charge you money. It appears that it happens to a lot of people who have booked with smartfares. Also call you to tell you that they couldn't confirm your flight so they insist you pay more money to make another booking.

OK so here’s the scam - inflated prices. Air fare on the airline’s website was $62. The same airfare with them was $186. They include (but dont tell you) the cost of luggage, seat selection, and insurance. Of course, those are all optional when you book with the providers site. Even after having them remove any extras, the price was still over $20 more than the airline.

Smartfares aka LBS Travels are BIG Punjabi Indian scammers out of New Delhi

Two scam call centers. One in a locality: Karol Bagh, New Delhi and the other in locality Kirti Nagar, New Delhi

Tanya Chadda and Khanna families own the scam operations
Every couple of weeks they have new numbers

So many victims got stranded in midway when they found out no ongoing reservations existed.

and they advertise on TV ?

@reportingscammers007#148693 I did, and then it said Thank you, a live agent will answer soon, etc. and then hung up.

@ATOhelpline#148785 They do! Late night like around 12AM.

They don’t know if there travelerhelpdesk or smartfares lol

18582567201 Main

(877) 251-1691


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@newtondial#156801 Thanks for posting to BobRTC :slight_smile:

is this a scam or is it a business ? to me a company that resells services at inflated prices is not a scam ,

I called them and got through ,I went through the booking process and they offered me a flight at an inflated price , is that not what any travel agency does ?

They have the same IVR system as Travelation too. They’re a challenge to call flood because of the random number IVR system but it can be done if you happen to have robodialler that can use speech recognition.

newest travelerhelpdesk/smartfares with a nice revolving number to hit to reach a scammer

35 Smartfares Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer


New number


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