Scamming site who stole $50 from a friend of mine

Scammer’s Number:
Domains Used:
Extra Info:
as you can see by the comments on the vid provided they have been scamming people for awhile


I will try and get their other info. I am sorry to hear about your friend getting scammed.


Welcome to the community. Happy Scambaiting! :ok_hand:t3: :ok_hand:t3:


cheers and yeah i feel bad for the dude but yeah we honestly just want the site taken down and have no clue on how to do that properly

i will try to help you

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well… silentslushy
i guess your friend bought it for fortnite banned hwid or somethink?

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do you have a contact number for them

Judging by whois data, they are registered with namecheap. I have already sent an abuse complaint to namecheap against the site and I am hoping that namecheap will take action soon.

thank you for your help

i only have everything thats on the site and his discord

yeah for coldwar