Yes, many of us civilians make use of the FOIA and that is what allowed me to view those FCC emails.

You might find this useful. Here is a list of Government Watchdogs who monitor the activities of governments, but I don’t know what ones are currently active monitoring the FCC. The page was last edited in 2012, so I don’t know what ones are still active.


I will be submitting a FOIA request to the FBI and FCC regarding this.


Here, this might be useful to read first.


I have read that.

Would’ve been better if ScammerBlaster was not robocalling random people.


This is ridiculous, though.

What is it with the DOJ lately?

Utah’s attorney general seems more interested in going after an organization that protects innocent people than facilities that literally rape, assault, abuse, and murder children in Utah.

I’m a minor, and have a life ahead of me. At first, I was considering not scambaiting, so that way, the feds won’t come after me, you know, like how they seized ScammerBlaster’s domain and fined them millions of dollars.

But I’ve decided not to. Because this is not just white collar crime. It’s about the scam victims who committed suicide, and then had the scammers laugh about it. About the scammers who were physically violent against each other.

My favorite quote from a Genshin Impact cutscene is when Miko says to the Traveler: “Though you alone are here, they too have ambitions, which they long since entrusted to you.” Because that’s what is happening now. We have to show to the people who were shot to death, or committed suicide, or were attacked in a hit-and-run, that their lives were not a waste. And that this is not going to keep happening.

Facebook has groups full of tech support scammers. They do more or less nothing about this. In fact, I’ve repeatedly reported the groups and got nowhere. They eventually banned me after I spammed an ad for this website in one of the tech support scam Facebook groups. I got them to unban me by disagreeing with the decision and uploading a random photo from as my ID.

We’re here because the scammers wanted to shoot Mark Rober to death after he sent them a glitter bomb to annoy them. Or wanted to shoot Trilogy Media’s folks to death. Or when Bomber, one of the Yahoo Boys, laughed about Michael committing suicide. A disgusting disregard for human life.

Maybe the feds don’t like the lack of a court involved in ScammerBlaster. But what else do you want us to do? I’ve sent LE the addresses, names, phone numbers, emails, etc. of scammers, and mountains of evidence. Nothing happens. Nothing. At. All. You need to expect people who are tired of seeing other citizens die to do something when the same people that are supposed to protect them do nothing.

Once again: We are not dealing with white collar criminals. We are dealing with murderers.

As @ScammerBlaster said, it’s not over until I say it’s over. Seize as many websites as you want, arrest as many people as you want, fine as many people as you want. The only thing that will stop me from baiting is killing me. Because I’ve had enough of watching people die.

命に嫌われている。/まふまふ【歌ってみた】 - YouTube - someone dies on the other side of the screen, and someone sings for the loss. Hearing that song, a humming young boy wanders, off with a knife and an offer.


As a minor, your response is very well-written and articulate. I definitely appreciated it. I would also see on the news time and time again reports of people losing their entire life’s savings to scammers and then killing themselves. I have also had numerous scammers think that such is funny. One scammer even said that this is the way they deal with climate change… to get people to kill themselves so that there are fewer cars on the road. It was the most maddening and pathetic discussion I ever had with a scammer. I genuinely hope that when this is all over I will have fought and won the right for any scam baiter to use telecommunications to protect victims, inasmuch as scammers use telecommunications to destroy thousands of lives daily. If the federal government REALLY wanted to stop scams there is an army of thousands of scam baiters worldwide that would be very much willing to assist… AT NO COST! Why would they not consider corralling together such a powerful and free resource and provide a basic framework to operate under so that things are accomplished in an orderly and precise manner?

THANK YOU for this list. I will be making a concerted effort to reach out to each of them and at least get an understanding if I have any valid concerns or not.

One notable example is regarding Alcazar Networks who DELIBERATELY supplied phone services to “Social Security Administration” scammers *. The FCC pounced on them, but not for the reasons you might think **. The FCC had Alcazar dead-to-rights because the FCC got hold of email correspondences that Alcazar had with these scammers. It is important to note that the FCC came after them, NOT for supplying phone services to scammers, but because the scammers were allowed to use “911” as the caller ID, called people on the DNC list, and delivered a prerecorded message. If that makes any sense to anyone, please do let me know. So, Alcazar could have gotten away with it with no repercussions if they hadn’t allowed the scammers to use “911” as their caller ID. Where is their multimillion-dollar fine? So, here we are, fighting an endless battle, with absolutely no assistance from anyone who has the power to provide such assistance. Truly sad state of affairs.


Here’s 1.3 Billion they believe they DID lose. This would be good in court too.

“The trouble concerned the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, or EIDL, an initiative dating to the Trump administration that provided grants and other financial support to struggling small companies
In total, the SBA made 41,638 awards totaling $1.3 billion to applicants that pursued that aid using computers believed to be located abroad, according to the agency’s inspector general. The watchdog said that some of the applications came from what were deemed “high risk” countries, which should have been blocked from filing applications outright. More than $14 million in EIDL aid went to applicants in these unnamed countries, the investigation found.”

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Agreed. Many, many scammers have had these terrible, flimsy moral justifications. A lot like how terrorists attack a country’s citizens because of their problems with the government.

You know, a better way to have less pollution on the road is not to murder people, but to encourage energy-efficient driving, walk/bike when possible, etc… you know, lots of people have innovated to prevent climate change, wouldn’t be great if they were dead.

Yeah, I see the problem with using 911 as a caller ID, but, I mean… the other thing with them knowingly provide phone service to scammers is an even larger issue. Honestly, haven’t the feds acknowledged that people have literally died because of scams? And yet they don’t prioritize that as a reason to go after that carrier…?

And thank you for the compliment about my response. Many people have noted that before - I spend most of my time online, and like to read, so I have gotten a better vocabulary, syntax, and grammar skills over time compared to other younger people.

I’ve seen a lot of scambaiters of a younger age (someone on this forum said they were 14 once, and before @anon47227696 deleted their account, I believe they said they were 16). I think that it shows a lot of individuals that want to stand up and fight for other people have gotten involved with scambaiting lately.


Looks like the government’s on the wrong side of the fight.


May be possible to re-create something similar to ScammerBlaster, but no more robocalling/annoying ads/targeting scams of debatable legality.


The government should have made the Net safer before “closing the divide.” The way they permit widespread abuse of seniors and for that matter anyone on the net, the money would have been better spent on prevention and interception. Government’s priorities are all wrong, at least in this case.

What’s the latest about the Government action? Hopefully someone wakes up and sees you do way more good than any small infraction, again intent. Again, DEMAND a jury trial if possible.


There’s a lot of reports of fraud on a massive scale.


Bea -Thanks for this article! As we have ALWAYS suspected. The carriers/ providers are just as crooked as most Scammers! Also, more EVIDENCE for your trial ScammerBlaster!

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FCC Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that broadband providers have been fraudulently enrolling households in the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program.

That’s great they are catching fraudsters trying to take advantage of the programs that help students in need and I hope they get charged with Criminal Charges for theft.
No one should get away with scamming when they are caught!

> While the report does not call out specific providers, it notes that schemes were carried out in Alabama, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. The most “egregious” example occurred in Oklahoma, it says, where “more than one thousand Oklahoma households were enrolled based on the eligibility of a single BQP, a 4-year old child who receives Medicaid benefits.”
*> *
> As a result, three providers “claimed more than $365,000 in program reimbursements in connection with the 1000+ enrollments based on the 4-year old BQP.”


This is fraud on a massive scale. It’s called a Government Agencies are a fraud. The massive misuse of power. Instead of helping Blaster. They always hit the good guy. Only the FCC bids with scammers.


Always will be here for you, ScammerBlaster.

You know it, I know it. and only you know my secret… :slight_smile:


Wow, so because the FCC discovered some 3rd party pissant service providers are scamming the EBB programs, you think it is the governments fault and they are the bad guys for catching them?
I am at least learning about folks the more I read commentary.


It’s always the government’s fault. Any word, you say doesn’t equal anything in the real world.
The FCC funds these criminal providers. Simple as that and they provocatively take it out on us good guys. In SB’s Case… He’s the best around. The sound is still heard foremostly around India and other locations.


I would put up more of a defence but it’s Sunday! I’m having a shatter of a day.