Scammer Wyatt Relyea of New York ([email protected])

Strangely enough, I received this email on one of my publicly-posted email addresses for scam stopping. This is not the first time I have received 419 emails on this account.

Subject: Join Hands to Make a Difference for Kenyan Children in Need
Sender: [email protected]

My name is Wyatt and I am a 16-year-old resident of New York. I wanted to reach out to share a story that has deeply touched my heart and to invite you to be a part of a meaningful journey.

Over the summer, I had the privilege of traveling to Nairobi, Kenya, and my experience there opened my eyes to the challenges faced by the local children. Amid the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, I met children like Brian, who played soccer barefoot with makeshift balls of trash. Encounters like this left an indelible mark on me and inspired me to take action.

I’ve partnered with the Hope Child Foundation, a non-profit organization that is making a real difference in the lives of these children. Our goal is simple yet profound: to provide them with sports equipment, shoes, clothing, and the essentials these children need to thrive.

I believe that together, we can make a significant impact. Your support, no matter the size, will directly contribute to creating opportunities and bringing smiles to the faces of these children. To make a donation and learn more about our mission, you can visit my fundraising page:

Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a donation through the link above.
  • Share this email with your friends, family, and colleagues who might also be interested in contributing.

By donating, you’re not only providing essentials like footballs and shoes; you’re also giving these children a chance to dream, to play, and to experience joy amidst their challenges. Your generosity can make a lasting impact on their lives.

I believe that even a small act of kindness can make a big difference. I hope you will join me in supporting the Hope Child Foundation and helping to make a brighter future for the children of Kenya.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to reach out. Your support means the world to me and to the children we’re aiming to help.

Warm regards, Wyatt

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