Scammer Group for Buying and Selling Bank Accounts and Other Finacial Things on Facebook

I was looking through my group discovery feed on Facebook, and I came across this group:

It links to a group called “Wells fargo Account Buy and Sell”, and it appears to have content regarding buying bank accounts, redeeming gift cards, and other similar content. I believe that it is for scammers to buy and sell these kinds of things.

I reported the group to Facebook, but their moderators are bad at spotting these things, so I don’t think they’ll take it down.


Wow, they actually did take it down… or maybe someone just made the group private, idk

Edit: Didn’t realize how old this was, my bad


It is possible that they took it down. I made up a Facebook profile and tried to join some scammer groups, but I got banned. Now my fake profile shows the same message as that group shows. I’ll be very glad if it was taken down honestly.

It probably was taken down. That is the message it shows when a group is removed. When I report these groups, Facebook usually says that they found content in the group that violates their rules and that they removed that specific content instead of the whole group. I’m sure that their automatic systems or other reports will also result in multiple other posts getting removed, and if enough posts in a group are removed, then the whole group will probably get removed, which is probably what happened here.