Scammer active on the dutch craigslist +31-647-871-400

Scammer active on the dutch craigslist +31-647-871-400

This woman has been active for years on the dutch craigslist, called
scamming people by not playing the agreed price

time for revenge
bobrtc link will be added soon


I do not know why, but for some reason during the number adding at bobrtc the dutch prefex got deleted and now this seems like an unusable american number while it is suppost to be a dutch number

Admins please help me sort this out
The not working link:

It thinks it is an american number +1-647-871-400
But it is suppost to be +31-647-871-400

@TheCEoHN#105824 The phone number has been removed, you may try adding it a second time if you wish (in case there was a typing error when entering it originally), but I do not believe BobRTC is currently able to place calls to the Netherlands.

@Norm_Harrison#105841 BobRTC does support The Netherlands.

These are the countries BobRTC supports:


@kenzo#105870 My mistake, thank for the correct and list of officially callable locations. I guess it may have just been formatted incorrectly?


i tried again and messed up again

first i forgot the US exit code 011
but even after adding this new number to bobrtc it failed to call.
this time bobrtc gave me back this message:
the number you are calling is outside of the bobrtc calling region. message 31Q

im still not sure whats going wrong
thanks for helping this newbee out

it would be nice if my failed links are removed:

@Norm_Harrison#105937 Yeah that number wasn’t entered in right. It needs to be in standard ITU format. The only time you can omit ITU is for 10 digit format of USA/CAN numbers. If it’s not 10 digits it needs to start with the ITU country code and the conventional digits for people calling from offshore into the target country. (In other words, if 10 digits are entered into that screen then +1 is assumed)

The phonebook entry screen is smart enough to strip extemporaneous characters and get at the number so you can cut+paste an ITU formatted number even if it's got spaces, dashes and parens in it.


For a non USA/CAN just put the number in its ITU format.

For instance, a USA number that is 210-555-1212 locally inside the country would be +12105551212 in ITU format

A number in the UK that would be 0179 359 6931 locally would be +441793596931 in ITU format

Some countries have a "trunk code", usually a 0, which is used only inside the country because their national numbering plan is a mess (like the UK) so the starting 0 signals the local carrier that the call needs to be placed to the trunk outside the switching office rather than to another subscriber within the switching office. The USA and Canada also used to have this scheme but it was a 1 instead and this became the country code after the last remote switchboards disappeared in the 1970s and all calls through the NANP are now sent with the full complement of digits for routing. Some USA landline carriers still require the "1" trunk code to be dialed as a gentle reminder that you're dialing outside of the LATA area (the list of area codes that are considered "local" to you) as a gentle reminder that you're going to be billed long-distance for the call rather than it treated as a local area call.

Also: BobRTC assumes that if you entered a 10 digit number you must have meant that the number is a USA/Canada number (or the islands that also participate in the North American Numbering Plan, all of which start with +1)

If it is > 10 digits then BobRTC examines the first set of digits to look for the ITU country code. All phone calls originate in their full ITU number format (+country/subscriber). Because 99% of all the numbers entered are NANP numbers we make it easier on the brain by doing these conversions for you when storing them.

After our bots do some scans on the phonebook entry you make we will convert the number to the method that locals inside the target country would view the number. So if you put a German number into BobRTC you would do that in ITU form with the country code but if you dial the number after the bot has a go at it, you'll see the phone number written in the way that Germans would write it down. However if you look at the URL you can see how the phone number is expressed in ITU form.