"Sapphire Softec Solutions"

Scam Number: (888) 357-5222
Domain Used: (N/A)
Extra Info:


Thread buried now, I think due to inactivity. This was posted previously a few days ago as a printer scam in particular - can’t remember who posted it. Was it you? @drwat I have a feeling it might’ve been lol. Left my contact details in their live chat thingy as they weren’t actually available.


There’s a recent Malcolm Merlyn video about this company here.

Here’s their dodgy fake e commerce website mentioned in the video.

Main site.

Reviews and complaints.


Facebook page. A commenter there describes them taking him through a classic tech support scam script.

These guys look like an obvious scam company. Let’s show them some love.


888 357 5222 - still active. press 8, 9, 5 at automated message to reach live person

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Still answering at 10:10 PM, EST. He told me that he needs my customer ID number. I told him when I got it they told me never share it with anyone, so I can’t give it to you. He spent several minutes arguing with me that it was okay to give to him. I kept countering with, they told me never give it to anyone. He finally got mad enough to curse me out and hang up. :grin:

“We are currently experiencing heavy call volumes. Please try your call again later.”

You don’t say?

Live chat link.

Alternate number
1-888-573-4222 (both this and the main number are currently down)

Email (sign them up for random shit while browsing the internet)
[email protected]

Live chat active