Robocallers: SmartMatch Insurance Agency 855-430-1189

I received a robocall on Friday, 9th Oct at 04:40pm EST by the Filipino robocalling call center "National Disabilities" (616-528-9162) despite being on the National DNC list. After answering questions I got transferred over to SmartMatch Insurance Agency. They're paying the Filipino call center to make the dirty robocalls. They were asking me about my health insurance and disability stuff and if I have medicare or medicaid.

855-430-1189 - Agent name: Ashlyn (given on the call)
888-411-7647 (found on their website
855-310-5787 (found on their Twitter

Their BBB:
Their website:

They're doing business as:



spamming them with calls and making monkey sounds every time they pick up as we speak

They rebranded from SmartMatch Insurance to Smart Insurance Solutions which is the name given on their BBB page. The website has been shut down:

Their new website is with their phone number 402-320-9547
According to their website, the owner is Jodie Enenbach-Moreno: