Regarding downvotes/upvotes

Please do not randomly downvote people for no reason. I can see each & every up/down vote in the database along with your userid and postid, so don’t think you can hide from me…

@ParodyGordon this is especially for you. :wink:

@thunder#7036 Hey I never downvote a post without reason.

I have a simple theory behind my voting techniques,since I am a very experienced person I shall present you the divine theory-

1.They go hostile towards me.

2.They downvote my posts for no reason.

3.They repeat the same thing and try to prove themselves right.

4.I don’t deal with no trash cause time is cash.

5.Plus it’s a liberal voting system,it should be the only thing which shouldn’t have any restrictions,they are my views.If I write a comment to express them,then they say don’t write bullshit and no one cares bout my views,so I am left with the only option



I had a question if I downvote any admins post do I get banned THUNDER?:wink:

Arguing with staff doesn’t get you anywhere. For example, on a post meant 100% as a joke:

Thunder what’s your Skype?

R34P34 is messaging me from a fake ID I suspect.

@ParodyGordon#7055 replace/d/907-malware-ransomware/13

@ParodyGordon#7055 R34P3R*

@1337mathster#7057 No need to correct me everytime.

@ParodyGordon#7048 Who downvoted your posts or is hostile towards you?

Also, if ‘time is cash’ what are you doing trying to scammer bait?

I also hope you remember what I told you about being constructive on the site.

Every time* @ParodyGordon#7058