Refund And Antivirus Scam

+1 (800)-972-2131 From Is Still Live ,Working And Been Answered.

putting me on hold now @jamesha121

Toll Free Number:-+1 (844) 410-2184

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Updated Number:- +1(844) 522-6610

Youtube Live Scam
Toll Free Number:- +1(901)-352-6749

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Facebook Live Scam

They Are Still Active And Calls Are being Answered.

From which number?



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Told me that I needed to connect to his server and pay money just to open a Facebook account.


Live Gemini Scam

Updated Number:- +1(800)-972-2131, +1(844)-522-6610

What type of scam is this exactly? When I say it is for a refund for an antivirus, they hang up.

Showing On Uber Gemini And Norton.

Now loop dialling both numbers in a group call with various other freephone numbers. :joy: :crazy_face: :rofl: :sweat_smile:


+1(800)-972-2131 is doing Amazon scam
844 number is Amazon too

Live And Answering
Toll Free Number:-+1(844) 982-0388, +1 (866) 583-0335

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Toll Free:-+1 (888) 212-6538
Live Ongoing Scam They Are Active And Answering.

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Updated Number:-+1(888) 829-9045
They Are Live And They Are Answering