[Refund] 761-335-736

This is a robocall number so it probably won’t last long!

These scumbags robocalled my Textnow number, I was busy but I wasn't too busy to have some fun with them! They told me that they needed access to my computer to give me a refund of $399.

When I revealed that I was fooling him, he claimed "I know you are the Kitboga, I was wasting YOUR time!"

Sure buddy, whatever you say.

This scammer seems to be located in New Delhi, India.


Have fun!

Only 9 digits on the phone number; can’t verify.

@jaymee#144683 Yo, I just realized this. I went back and checked, the number they called me with only has 9 digits.

I've never seen anything like that before, thanks for the response tho.

@sweetener#144690 Ha ha, they fat fingered the spoofed called ID number. No worries, man.