Really Foul Mouth RIght off The Bat SSA Scammer

512-360-9390 – @drwat Victor Frank did not even do the script but went right for the assets. I said I did not know what money laundering was and of course neither did he. He asked if I had eight bank accounts and I said I had six. He said “How many dicks do you have in your pussy” and hung up. Really nice guy. Oh, and they ask for your whole SSN so be prepared. And the same old DC7010 case number. Talked to John Walker, DC7010 Surprise!!! and he accused a six month pregnant woman with 3 kids of being a criminal so I just cried and got him all upset. Now I have Jennifer Walker, the DEA who was really rude and now she is transferring me to another DEA officer. They better hurry up because my damn phone is going to die. Now have super senior important DEA Preston Grubbs who again accused me. I told him I had 9 bank accounts, 18 credit cards, 4 cars, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and he is buying it. He started calling me a criminal again and I said I was losing the baby and had to go the hospial and he said he was sending the police to arrest me. At that point I called him out. You can imagine what came next. 51 minutes on my burner phone. Oh, after I gave him my Killeen TX address he asked if I had ever been to Texas.

Follow up call with Officer Ronnie

Jennifer Walker, Alex Mahoney and Preston Grubbs – You can skip thru the baby crying to get to Mr. Grubbs.

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[“Really Foul Mouth RIght of The Bat SSA Scammer”,“Really Foul Mouth RIght off The Bat SSA Scammer”]

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Some guy picked up, very staticy for me so I had to hang up. Now it’s straight to voicemail for me

@theloneranger#140814 Yeah apparently they can deflect people who call again with the same number. Yes the call quality was terrible.


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512-360-9390 | 15123609390 - Phone Scam Alert! - Nomorobo

512-360-9390 | 5123609390 | YouMail Directory

@JusticeinTexas#140812 Old bad actors still scamming: Victor Frank, Preston Grubb, Jennifer Walker

Others in this call center: Emerson Buie , "bad old Jeffrey Tribiano" Gale/Gail Stone, Damian Hampton postal inspector , Helen Saul, James Hope, Helen Saul,
Damion Hampton (fictitious), postal inspector never talks but mentioned in their script

@drwat#140838 Not Jeffrey Tribiano and Gale Stone, again! They need to get more creative.

Getting ready for another long drive through New Mexico, waiting on DEA agent to get connected with me rn.

@vadim#140852 They took forever to connect me with DEA because of the amount of money I said I had. They had to transfer me to the next cubicle twice to the super secret supervisor god to handle it. He could not figure out how he was going to get a million bucks in Google Play Cards!

I wonder if there is a way to give a fake (spoofed) ssa number. When they ask, I just hang up right away frightened, not thinking what to say next lol but each time I call, it glitchs so bad for me. Last time I spoke with a ssa scammer, they asked for my name and they told me they couldn’t find my name in their system and then told me my details (like my name) was fake. Who knows. They use the “I am going to arrest you” as a scare tatic.


These guys have no patience, they closed and called me back 4 times already. I’m just 10 minutes away from Target, how rude.

Its still the middle of the day, they will get more thirsty towards the end of their shift, and that’s the prime time for long journeys.

@theloneranger#140874 Lol, don’t think like you are in their world. Make them come to your world.

All of their SSN numbers are from Equifax or whatever other leaks/thefts. They live in India, and have no idea how SSN works. I just give them a BS number, often just the last 4 digits. If I give them the full number, I remind them that social security numbers are issued by each state each time you change addresses. I've had like 15 SSN numbers in my long life of 50 years.

@theloneranger#140874 Also, their leaks are often old, so you if say you got your SSN in the last 1-2 years, you can easily pass.

@vadim#140878 isn’t it 1 in the morning out there? Do they follow the US time zones? I feel like they pick up more during the afternoon in my time. Might be the best hour now

@theloneranger#140885 It is like 1AM over there, but they are night shift. Its a pretty standard practice among Asian call centers to follow operating hours matching their customers. Most of these scam centers used to be legitimate call centers until they realized they can make a bit more by stealing.

@theloneranger#140874 Just Google for “valid social security numbers” Choose the state and the year.

For example 563-**-**** is California for the year 1968. so make up 563-nn-nnnn of your choice and DOB like July 7, 1968 (example) say your parent got it after you were born.

@drwat#140892 Never knew of this, nice find