Publishers Clearing house scammer

(610) 615-1877

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Left message … See if they call back

they called me from 206-424-6494 then called me a cocksucker and my wife uses dildos on me because i told hime it doesnt cost money to win money the he said I needed to go buy a blue stamp due to the cost over 10000, so I told him instead of me going to get a blue stamp I will give you a mushroom stamp. I thought it was funny but he got all serious voice changed and started calling me those names. So then I told him he sounded cute and asked what he was wearing then he hung up, so I called back went to message told him I wanted to meet him and they called me back Is this the gay guy I told him he was gunna get his ass kicked by a gay guy then he said we use guns so I said bring it on I hope you shoot better than you scam now i cant get them to answer and it must be a spofed number

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Textnow #

i dont understand text now number and thanks foe having me i hate these scammers

Text now is a app people use as a phone … Also 2nd line … its a app … free

What should I say?