Publishers Clearing House Scam | How it works, how to deal with it

Best tutorial I’ve seen so far!

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Thread updated with a new email, any information please contact me or use the new email ([email protected]) and don’t use the original emails in the thread (Cagney and Lacey), those emails are no longer in use.

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Oh dear. Did something happen to Lacey and Cagney?

They are restructuring, they will be back under a new name and organisation.


Tens to hundreds of million of consumers need to stand up and harass the shit out of these seditious criminals that live and lie behind phone receiver and there a lot of us that do .
I have played the reckless bunch often, never given in that they were charge of conversation I could feel the total embarrassment coming from the reckless dem o craps after I wasted there time and was though with them an I hang up the receiver.
Here in illinois I am hoping to master the application and fight back against these sociopaths callers.

You could also try using the address of a police station for the location of your fictitious address.

Cagney and Lacey are back wooh :grinning:

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I did that once, even gave a police number :joy:. They ended up calling it and got spooked

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Email has been updated, this was recently changed due to potential copyright troubles with the name NOVA, so the organisation has changed names to Avah pronounced Ava.