Prime video (855) 636-0100

Scam Number: (855) 636-0100

Additional information about this scam: Fake Amazon prime video. First guy was angry because I gave him the error code is ID10T and it took him a few minutes to figure it out. Second guy was just making animal sounds. :laughing:


855-636-0100 John Thursday 4-20-23 4:52PM EST

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OMG!! They are super angry :rage:
On the last call, all I did was call Edward… Eddie.
"Don’t you ever call me by that name again! Use my proper name you MFer!! It is Edward. E.D.W.A.R.D!!
Calm down, Eddie
"Don’t ever call here ah-gain… (add lots of obscenities)

Scammer picked up i gave him a real error code its 5004 What to do if you see error code 5004 on Prime Video. Make sure that the email address and password that you’re using to log in with are correct . If the issues persist, make sure you can log into Amazon with the same details, or visit Forgot Your Password to reset your password. He wanted to know my email address and what the code is. Lol i gave him my fake email address and he wanted verification codes he didn’t even try to connect then he hung up

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