Popup 833-248-0054

Scam Number: 833-248-0054
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam:

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Listed almost 45 minutes ago


OK, thanks. I’m not quite perfect :cry:

My system is very close to it and improving all the time
4 decades of continuous improvement, with upgrades weekly and sometimes daily with programming extra features or making things faster and better

It knows what I’ve already discovered and what times/dates it has been called every time.
Some numbers go back many years and are still active.
That’s the reason I gave up reporting numbers as a waste of time.
Some of them have been reported daily, between 70-100 times
I stopped doing it getting close to 2 years ago.
I put the many hours each day into finding hundreds more numbers and shutting them down

I will list a little block of activity in a new post…maybe.
They will all go down very shortly when the flooders catch up to my very fast search dialers finding them all

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Talking with scammer Chris is very triggered.

If only I could have one for my stubborn UK numbers, BT and Vodafone are arses. (i know they probably have undefunded, understaffed abuse departments so I’m not blaming the staff)

I would work on that
If the big man upstairs would listen to my prayers for a 57 hour day
I’m not quite that good to make that happen…yet :grin:

The numbers are in the other post as promised…almost :wink:

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