Phony CRA: 705-986-0523

2019/02/26 5:15 PM EST: 705-986-0523: Distributel: Barrie, Ontario

Fake CRA I called after 5:00 PM EST when the CRA was closed for the day. fake SIN from an online generator, address is Canada's Parliament buildings.. The CRA employee I named (Bill Morneau) is the Minister of Revenue.

Call was dropped when the CRA hung-up so the fake RCMP (Nate Shaw) could call, but I was spoofing another fake CRA number. ;)

Nice scambaiting. About Indian scammer “Nate Shaw”. He has “double jurisdiction” (LOL). He is an “RCMP officer” but frequently he is called by the USA SSA and acts as “Sheriff”

70% of the time (case of CRA), the lead the victim to a BITCOIN ATM in Canada.

The most notorious co-scammers are Punjabi accented females. Grace Wilson (RCMP) , Victoria (leaning Spanish) and Ashley.
Other scammers at this call center (fake names)
William Sanchez, Alan Spencer, Daniel Samchez, Rick Harris Helen/RCMP, Anna , Ashley Johnson, Allan Warner, Anna, Michael Ray (dedicated "accounant" at H&R as well as local "accountant" in Canada and the USA), Jane, and Mike.

My YouTube video now published;

I heard them trying to record my call, lol. Then I called them out on it, but because I so clearly and concisely stated that they are OPENLY impersonating my government’s federal agency, they hung up reaaal quick. Haha.

They try to conspicuously murmur among themselves so you can hear them doing supposed “damage control” like they’re a legitimate company. Everyday these guys watch a new movie and try to impersonate mannerisms.

@czar_alex#77215 Normally they rage when you question them on things like a lawsuit is a civil tort action, and has no arrest warrants. Or when you say WTF is a Federal Municipal Courthouse… I work them up to a froth when I demand a French agent at the CRA, like I did in this video…

That’s amazin’. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ brotha.

Making up agencies and testing them is hilarious.


You're also very right about them not even knowing REAL agency acronyms. It takes ten seconds to have them questioning too many aspects of their identity (lol - it's embarrassing). These dudes are really the lowest of the low of scammers. Taking down false credit scammers will be harder. I know how they work and look. But that's the next step.

These made up agents of IRS or NBC are bush league. But they're fun because of how stupid they are.