Phone Call from US Federal Grant & Tresuary Department

I received the phone call from this person today. They told me I had received a federal grants.

They gave me this confirmation code. PA210. They told me to call the number I added below and to give them the code.

Peter Walker
(360) 562-9163

Called them and asked for the grant of 7900 dollars in cash. She told me to send them 200 dollars in cash to “verify” that I am not going to waste it on illegal stuff.

Info that you may need for calling her back:
Fake Name- Florence Dawn
Extension Code- 102

Told her that I live in Texas (because I used a Texas phone number.) Told her that I was going to a convenience store in a tricycle and would take a while.

What was the original name it was in?

What do you mean?

@Mimic#3641 They won’t proceed with the grant because my name didn’t match up

HAHA This lady asked for my name and when i said Peter she was like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING THIS NUMBER!” And then went on to say that we will have problems if i call again. Lets see about that ?