PayPal scammer (844) 702-1272 "$729.99"

They are answerin’ and so far they have not blocked my number. :laughing:

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I’ve been on them for about 45 minutes and they haven’t blocked a single number.
Big call center and they are mega triggered :joy:

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Yes, they are getting tired of us! :crazy_face: It is rather early in their shift to be so angry!

Just now though someone answered and did not say anything. ME: “Don’t be so bashful. Beg for money, criminal.” Whoever was on the other end of my call hung up. So far one man and one woman have screamed at me at the top of their lungs, only for me to respond: Your anger pleases us, you inept criminals.

806-450-7047 Still Active Femchode Friday 3-17-23 12:25PM EST