PayPal scam (805) 431-4410 (855) 611-3962

Scam Number: (805) 431-4410
Scammer’s Website or Email"
Additional information about this scam: Please be sure to write out important info so that our content is accessible to screen readers!

I received this fake confirmation email this morning, the TF number is not going thru for me but ya’ll can try it please.

welcome!” does’t seem to be the real sender of this message

Mike [email protected]

Monday, June 24, 2024 6:27:10 AM

[email protected]
Welcome to PayPal!

We are delighted to inform you that your request to open a PayPal Business account has been successfully processed. Your account is now verified using your Social Security Number (SSN), allowing you to seamlessly accept credit card payments and manage your business transactions efficiently.

A merchant fee of $249.99 has been debited from your checking account, and this charge will appear on your bank statement within 48 hours.

If you did not initiate the process to open a PayPal Business account, please contact us immediately, as this could indicate potential identity theft. Your security is our top priority.

Thank you for choosing PayPal. We look forward to supporting your business needs.

For further assistance, please contact us at:

PayPal Business Support

Best regards,

The PayPal Team


Talking to Adrianne now - he tried to call back three times ‪(208) 437-8537‬ with code

Angella is helping me now with code 76995 or 88023


Damn they give up easily!


(855) 611-3962

Tom Christopher is asking if I made this transaction.


Carriers: T-Mobile (805, belongs to Hector Orozco), RingCentral (855), TextNow (208)
Answers as: Voicemail (805), “Cancellation Department” (855).
Remote Access Software: ConnectWise (dubbed “PayPal Secure Server”)
Download site: (IP: :netherlands:), (IP: :moldova:), (IP: :netherlands:)

The scammer will falsely claim the purchase was made using your identity, prompting me to “connect to the PayPal Secure Server” and log into my nonexistent bank account.

  • As I don’t do online banking, my call was transferred to “Kevin Roger (CA1880) with the FTC Department” as it was a “case of identification theft on my identity. (LA86967N0)”
  • “Kevin” then falsely claimed my Social Security Number was used to register multiple bank accounts with Bank of America ($85,000), Chase ($25,000) and Wells Fargo ($2,500) to launder money to “drug trafficking countries,” such as Mexico :mexico:, Colombia :colombia: and Nigeria :nigeria:.
  • “Kevin” also falsely claimed to have received a “case file” from the “Financial Consumer Agency of the United State,” stating that the IRS was gonna sue me for tax fraud, prompting me to run the “netstat” command in the Command Prompt so he can falsely claim there are “muiltiple hackers on my network and phone lines.”
  • “Kevin” then tried to send me an “identity theft affidavit” for me to fill out for the “Social Security Administration” before asking me to drive to my fake bank to withdraw all my funds before transferring them to my “treasury account.”
  • I never filled out the form, instead opting to play him the Bhenchod Song. He responded by blanking my screen with a fake update so he can try (and fail) to get my IP address.

I’ve noticed an uptick of cell carriers like TMobile and some Verizon, would love to know how.
I wonder if these numbers are attained using victim’s info by purchasing a line or adding a number on existing accounts. How are the scammers answering that phone number with an American carrier? I’m very curious.


Same numbers on a different email i received about AT&T services:

Deliverability Reply Forward Print Delete

Service Transfer Confirmation” does’t seem to be the real sender of this message

George [email protected]

Monday, June 24, 2024 10:28:16 AM
Service Transfer Confirmation

Dear [email protected],

Your request to transfer your DSL broadband services to AT&T has been successfully processed. Starting from the next billing cycle, your home phone and internet connection will be provided by AT&T. A transfer fee of $389.00 has been charged to your checking account and will be reflected on your bank statement within 48 hours.

If you wish to cancel this transfer, please contact us immediately.

Thank you,

Team AT&T

Customer Support:


GS, Georgia,
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Note: TF number is answering for me now.


I further verified the (805) number with the Lennybot.


screen connect


Angela, Sheryl, David Miller, Tom Christopher.

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(805) 431-4410 active today.


805-431-4410 Friday 7-5-24 11:57AM EST

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carrier: T-MOBILE USA

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ScAmazon Support answering… with code 37554


Talking to Amanda going through the same with different code.


nvoice of your PayPal account Transaction of {451.99USD for Bit-coin (USDC) Has been Done}.
Your purchase details:
Amount: $451.99
Product Name : Bitcoin
Invoice Number: XXXX22339
Date: 07/08/2024
Sub Total : 451.99USD
Bit-coin Quantity: 0.0081

Product Code:                                                     ▌▌▌▌▌║▌▌▌║║▌▌║▌▌║║▌║▌║

Amount Paid: $451.99

View payment receipt
Need help?
If you have not placed this order, call immediately at +1 (805) 431-4410. to restrict the transfer as Bitcoin once credited to the receiver cant be retrieved.
Powered By Panda yParcia america pcl,
Please don’t reply to the email

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