PayPal/Norton/BestBuy Scam -- 808-808-4381

Scam Number: 808-808-4381
Scammer’s Website or Email:

Called up and spoke with Marco. His internet connections is awful. He can’t get his story straight about who it is that he works for. Directs me to the above site to get me to download their “server” He must be new to this, he’s positively awful.


Howrah chodes here!
IP Details…

Country India
Region West Bengal
City Howrah
ZIP 711102
Timezone Asia/Kolkata
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Meghbela Broadband
Organization Meghbela Cable & Broadband Services (P) Ltd
AS number and name AS45804 MEGHBELA BROADBAND

callback for aka Mark
they get helpless without there screenconnect not working:)

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