PayPal Impersonators (sometimes they divert their calls to innocent people)

Scam Number (sometimes these scammers divert their phone calls to innocent people) : +1 (408) 715-1736 At time of posting I just get silence after they pick up, maybe it’s a voicemail? Maybe they will be live soon?
Scammer’s Email: You sent a Payment of $395.00 to Vintage-Cole INC.

This is an Auto Generated Email Notification. Do Not Reply. Call Support for Clarifications and Further Updates.

Dear Steven Smith,

You have successfully sent USD 395.00 to Vintage-Cole INC. Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Transaction list on your Pay-Pal Account. In case an issue with this Transaction, you can contact us on 1-408-715-1736

Order NO-BJK78A677TY2-845HJIL89-934PRFJSA789325

Payment Details


Vintage-Cole INC.



Total Debit


In Case, You Haven’t made this Transaction please call support at 1-408-715-1736

PayPal - ID - xcbh4ED9cos7hgt6w87jhdn32lkFD7nd093isje93g

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These scammers are answering live right now

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Here is another PayPal number (855) 973-0825, they are answering too :slight_smile:


re: 0825 #
“Unauthorized charges made from my Android device”. Hung when I asked her how she technically knew that.


They are like politicians. They just make crap up.


Callback with Eric: (805) 209-4626

Another PayPal phone number: 808-646-5053

Email here:
Order shipped
Thanks for using PayPal.
You authorised a payment of $ 950.00 USD for a purchase.
If you haven’t made this purchase, call PayPal centre at +1-808-646-5053 to report and block this transaction.
Transaction ID - BX341219965
Transaction Date - 11-28-2022
Product Description:-
Item : SAMSUNG Galaxy FE 5 phone
Order ID : BX341219965
Quantity : 1
Unit Price : $ 920.00 USD
Subtotal : $ 920.00 USD

Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *.

Issues with this transaction?
You have 24 hours to report this transaction.

PayPal USA : +1-808-646-5053
Debbie Smith

Sales Team, Dayton, OH

1-408-715-1736 for Paypal is SPOOFED TAKE THIS NUMBER down please thanks reporting as spoofed number

@Nikad1 I just called 408 715 1736 and it’s being diverted to another number by the scammers. An old lady answered and said that the number I dialed isn’t hers. We just need to reduce calling the number until a scammer answers, then update with a reply in this post.

Scammers answered 408-715-1736 right now and I got “Grace”

855-973-0825 Still Active James Tuesday 11-29-22 6:39PM EST